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We have pleasure to introduce “Ashok Facilities” a unique search services for providing right personnel to meet your timely needs. Ours is a leading Security Services, Housekeeping Services and Carpet Cleaning Services. We are proud to inform you that we have been providing excellent security services to our esteemed clients and right now about 150 to 200 personnel are on the job including our office staff.

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Head Office Address SHOP NO7 MAHESH PARK WING A SOMNATH NEAR INORBIT MALL NAGAR PUNE, Pune Nagar Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411006 Branch Office Nagar Road Near VRDE Daund Road Taluka Ahmednagar Distt Ahmednagar 414001 Maharashtra
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Housekeeping Material
Housekeeping Material INR 0 INR 0 Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. offers an unmatched quality of housekeeping material. We offer these materials and equipment's at highly reasonable prices for total satisfaction of customers. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description We are extremely concerned for the quality and customers satisfaction because it is primary requisites for our organization: Some of the housekeeping material offered by us includes: --Brush, Sprays & Inspection Kits --Mop holder and Micro fiber Mops --Sprayer on a Belt --Swivel brush Gray --Toilet Bowl Brush --Dustpan These are manufactured using top quality raw material and cater to the needs of automobile, hospitals, banks, housekeeping contractors, hotels, pharmaceuticals and schools & offices. We have developed a sound infrastructure spread across a vast area. True 1459498736
Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning INR 0 INR 0 We offer Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning service which using best method of cleaning such as Dusting (Manual & Mechanized), Shampooing (Manual & Mechanized), Scrubbing (Manual & Mechanized) and Vacuuming (Mechanized). pecifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description Carpet Cleaning Importance Are you often coming down with a cough or a cold, or do just often feel unwell? Very few people consider it, but there is a chance your re-occurring illnesses may have something to do with the cleanliness of your carpets. Many people will only clean their carpets if they are about to sell their home, move out of their rented home or will perhaps clean their carpets once a year or so as a special treat. However, the majority of these people are unaware that carpets and rugs make cosy homes for microbes and bacteria. Just like your coffee table or windowsill, your carpets can get extremely dusty and become an appealing home and breeding ground for dust mites. As many people are allergic to dust mites, once these creatures die we are actually breathing in their remains and this can lead to whole host of health problems such as, skin rashes, eye and nose problems. When something spilt leaving is a stain on your carpet, the automatic response it to rub it with a wet cloth. Although it’s important not to leave stains on your carpets, using a wet cloth can make carpets extremely damp for long periods of time. Experts have found that this can significantly increase the risks of bronchial asthma, as organisms known as microbial growth are able to survive and spread in damp carpets. There are many foam and spray cleaning products available that are specifically designed to get stains out of carpets. Although many of these are excellent for removing the stains appearance, it is still advisable to regularly use a professional carpet cleaning machine in order to eliminate any germs that may have set in the carpet pile. Why Deep Cleaning should be done on Monthly Basis or at-least every 3 Months? Poor Cleaned Premises Poorly cleaned or unclean equipment and premises can pose serious health risks for all building users. Those with compromised immune systems will be ill and could see physiological impacts such as disease due to unclean surroundings. Most of us neglect the fact that healthy lifestyle leads to disease free life and it invariably begins at our homes. Cleanliness at our homes is the most important aspect of keeping our homes free of pathogens, bacteria, and virus free that cause both long-term and short-term health problems. Since the entire family is vulnerable in our homes, this achieves significance in our lives. Further, one of the most important factors we must consider is the air that we breathe in our living space. Allergies & breathing problems Nowadays are increasing number of people suffering with allergies and breathing problems in today’;s society. In truth, there is not much one can do about air pollutants when we live in the city. It is mostly beyond our control. We might not be able to do anything about the pollutants outside; however, we can do something about our homes. For anyone that suffers with asthma or allergies, it is more important than ever to keep the home clean. Increased Air Pollutants & Pollution Many of us do not realize the pollutants that live within the four walls of our homes can trigger a variety of allergies either quickly and over a period. Dust mites are one of the most common problems in the home and these little creatures can bury themselves in bedding, sofas, carpets, practically, on any type of fabric. Therefore, it is particularly important that homeowners try to reduce the dust mite allergens in their homes. One way to do this is to get carpet and upholstery cleaners to give your home a deep clean. Increased Dust Level The amount of dust is high in Pune City due to current development projects. All carpets in the home harbor dust mites and these are what cause allergies in us. One solution is to have laminate flooring in your home, as this may help preventing any allergies. However, the main problem with laminate flooring is that it just is not inviting enough. Moreover, on a cold winter night, the last thing you want to be doing is stepping on a cold wooden floor. Carpets are always more popular, and one way to prevent allergies is to use carpet and upholstery cleaners on a regular basis. Cleaning Upholstery The upholstery in our homes often neglected. Nevertheless, unclean upholstery causes many respiratory problems without even realizing it. Unlike the carpets, which usually just walk on, upholstery is on sofas, cushions, bedding etc that you and your family come in contact frequently. The dust mites in upholstery can cause many allergies in humans. Dust off and wash upholstery regularly to with detergents that can clear dust mites. There is no denying the fact that dust gets everywhere, and it is important that you do not let your family subjected to unnecessary pollutants and allergens in the home environment. We can visit monthly to keep on top of dust mites and your home will receive a thorough, deep clean. Due to these facts house starts getting dirty within a week. Even in 1 month house requires deep cleaning. We have studied this fact and that is why we recommend our customers to get house deep cleaned every month. But considering time & money spending capacity of today’;s world we would like request to get House Deep Cleaned every 3 months. True 1459498955
Pest Control
Pest Control INR 0 INR 0 Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. is in the field of Pest control Management and Anti-termite treatment solutions for several years now. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description We perfectly understand how pests can make life truly miserable, whether it may be a business institution home, hospital or any other place. Our seasoned technicians are the best trained in the industry and well versed in the latest tools and techniques We understand how a pest problem can get quickly out of hand. Don’t let nuisances such as ants, mice, bedbugs, and wasps tamper with your sense of well-being. At each facility we conduct a wide-ranging assessment. We engage the services of pest control on annual basis for White ants of woodwork and building, Fogging treatment for mosquitoes and fly control General treatment against cockroaches, ants, bugs. Service features are, --To Design Pest Control Treatment Schedules. --The office will be serviced on day of Schedule --All areas will be inspected and treated as needed with pre defined schedule --Planned & Controlled Strategies --Latest Equipment & Eco-friendly Technology --Disposal & Removal --All work is guaranteed to be performed in a professional manner and in conjunction with up-to-date treatment techniques and application methods. True 1459499022
Sub Staff Provision
Sub Staff Provision INR 0 INR 0 Most of our dedicated staff are former Human Resources Professionals and are experts in each discipline, which allows our recruiters to remain, focused on obtaining the caliber of employee necessary to successfully fill each position. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. is organize multi tasked skilled and unskilled Staffs for back office, factories, dispatch or Delivery person, loading/ unloading, counter staff, packaging Labor, Pantry Boy, Accountant, Office Assistant even marketing executives also, Providing well-trained personnel for routine office work like generating copies of reports, escorting and transporting guests, inter-office transfer of documents, and such as everyday tasks that are indispensable for achieving organizational efficiency. True 1459499162
Plants On Rental Or Hire
Plants On Rental Or Hire INR 0 INR 0 Plants bring life into all interiors, be it your home or workplace. Plants help to clean the air we breathe and provide peace and tranquility in our often busy lives. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. available varieties of plants for Rental and Hire --Ficus varieties --Dracaena varieties --Aglaonema varieties --Dieffenbachia varieties --Areca palm --Pritchardia palm --Table palm --Kentia palm --Aralia varieties --Syngonium varieties on moss sticks --Philodendron varieties on moss sticks. True 1459499257
Landscaping Service
Landscaping Service INR 0 INR 0 Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. puts you in touch with local landscaping and lawn experts who work with you every step of the way, from the planning to the completion of your landscaping and lawn projects. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description We undertake landscaping and garden development work of the sites. Annual maintenance contract for maintaining of the garden after development is also undertaken by us. Creative and professional landscaping and lawn services do far more than simply beautifying or maintaining your surroundings. When you partner with Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd., you choose among a wide variety of landscaping options to expand and improve your outdoor living areas and enhance the value of your property. Check out the following landscaping and lawn projects we can connect you with local landscaping contractors for: --Handle a hill or uneven terrain -- find experts in managing these challenges, including the design and installation of attractive and functional retaining walls. Sprinkler systems -- effective and efficient watering of your valuable plantings and lawn. Brushing and clearing -- refine or tame the unruly areas on your property with no damage to surrounding areas or plantings. Fountain installation instantly upgrades your yard to an estate - make sure it works like a charm. Take the plunge and install a pool for fun, relaxation or exercise -- rest assured your new oasis will reduce your stress and add value and beauty to your property. Lawn and grass care -- sod or seed, any way you want. Add a pond to enhance the tranquility of your yard -- experienced landscaping contractors can create a water feature that gives a permanent woodland feel to your outdoor area. True 1459499400
Security Services
Security Services INR 0 INR 0 Ashok Facilities Management is offering security services which are widely appreciated across various segments. Our workforce comprises of both armed & unarmed security personnel who undergo rigorous training before they are assigned a project. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description We are known for our dedication, client centric approach & flexibility which have allowed us to attain a position of respect & repute in the industry. Our Services We believe in two aspects for security, --Preventive --Detective. Security broadly aims at the protection of 3m’s men, machinery & material which includes --Unauthorized access to the industry --Thefts, damage to the industrial property --Protection to the senior executives --Precaution / extinguish against fire. Our entire security team belongs to ex defense ex police personnel who are themselves well versed and have vast experiences in this field/ they are well trained disciplined physically and mentally fit. We also provide Para military personnel and talented/ smart civilians with NCC back ground as per the requirement of the clients & as per our rates belong. We keep a close supervision on the entire security staff by surprise visits to the sites to insure their excellent output and also make night rounds for better and alert services. Fire Fighting Staff We also ensure fire fighting readiness both in men material and equipment. Our security staff is fully trained in operation of fire appliances/ hydrant line/ smoke detector systems/ first aid and mock drills. We also conduct practical demonstrations on fire fighting/ first aid, industrial safety / home safety / mock drill. Training and Development Our experts impart a week’s training to new recruits in maintaining discipline, telephone procedures dealing with people search procedure for personnel and vehicles maintenance of various registers and passes giving first aid and types and operation of fire fighting appliances system etc. Scope of work We will be responsible for the following --To check the incoming and outgoing materials strictly as per the challans, gate passes. Cash memo delivery notes etc. And maintain record of returnable material systematically. --Over all protection of the factory premises personnel and material, from fire, theft, accidents etc. To regulate the entry and exit of all vehicles and personnel strictly under valid gate passes. Exit passes. Token. Identity cards and visitors cards etc. And maintain records there of --To ascertain that all visitors are honorably allowed entering the premises and keeping records. --To ascertain that no cases such as thefts, pilferage, trespassing and encroachment take place. --To ascertain regular searching of employees and vehicles and conduct surprise check also --To ascertain that the maintenance. Operation and demonstration of fire fighting is carried out from time to time. --Investigate cases such as dishonesty or misconduct, thefts, fire out breaks and accidents, and submit reports for further action. --To submit the report to the management of day to day working of security lapses so as to suggest remedies to plug lapses and loopholes. --To carry out task allotted by the management in the interest of security of premises, personnel and material etc. Our Staff --Supervisor will be well built individuals (H. S. C. / Graduates) with a robust and commanding personality, tactful and at the same time firm and courageous. --Security guards/ workers would have passed (at least S.S.C.) aged between 22 to 48 yrs well built and tall. --The staff will be provided with uniforms, provident fund, ESIC, gratuity, leave bonus and their upkeep including monsoon gear and winter clothing. --The staff will be directly responsible to your officers (for duties and responsibilities) and day to day functioning of their duties. --It will be our responsibility to supervise the staff and our company’s senior officers will carry out periodical checks on the staff. --The staff subject to transfers as we don’t encourage of our staff to become familiar and or mixing up and/or get acquainted with the employee’s union activities. True 1459499598
Housekeeping Services
Housekeeping Services INR 0 INR 0 Housekeeping services that covers cleaning services in India is a totally new concept and we are the pioneers in offering these services here. We offer consistent and quality oriented services that meet the specific requirements of the customers. Specifications Brand: Ashok Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Detailed Description Our employees are trained with sophisticated cleaning equipment and chemicals that give you the best results. The scope of work includes all built-up areas, common areas, cafeteria, toilets/rest rooms, service / utility areas forming part of the premises. The scope of the services includes cleaning, upkeep, preventive maintenance of buildings, other properties, fixtures, cleanliness of glass and partitions, facades, roads, pathways etc. designs a schedule for cleaning client’;s office premises by using a combination of traditional and mechanized methods. The purpose is not only to clean/remove rubbish but to make a positive contribution to the health of the building and the occupants. Ashok Facilities gives great importance to housekeeping services since a clean workplace enhances the client’;s esteem and improves the work culture of the clients’; employees. Ashok Facilities also understands the effort and investment put in by the clients to develop a facility of international standards and it’;s our endeavor to maintain it accordingly. Personal attention is also given to our employees keeping in mind their health, hygiene and safe working conditions. True 1459499643
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